on the road again

on the road again,
goin' places that i've never been
seein' things that i may never see again...

ok, so I'm not literally on the road at the moment but I am moving on. it's time to close the lula chapter and begin the next. as you know, I have been slowly getting things in place to get my new shop ready. I was making decisions and then breaking them because I wasn't a hundred percent committed to the new shop. But it's time. I have had a hard time separating the new shop from the old me. You see, I started lulahoney back in 2008 with nothing but a sewing machine and determination. I started a line of clothing wear for kids, eventually had my own brick and mortar shop and blogged about cool things in the kids and teen industry. I've also had projects on the side like a magazine and photography work. Many rad opportunities were born from lulahoney and for that I am forever grateful. However, with the new shop comes new adventures. YES, I will still be blogging, just not here. I'll be sharing behind the scenes stories, interviews with designers I stock, interviews with other entrepreneurs, and of course photos. it wasn't an easy decision as I'm very attached to lulahoney but it's the right one. And with the support of friends, it's a decision I am super stoked about. In the top right hand corner you can click on the Instagram, Pinterest, and shop link where you can find me. Those will be updated in the coming days with the new info and left there so you can always click on one and say hi! I'll also be posting one more entry with the link to the website, shop, and new blog! 
Well guys, it was a trippy ride for the past seven years and I cannot wait for you to join me on this next adventure.

Dig it babies

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