Oh hello there

oh hello there.
I have gotten a few new readers and emails asking more about sports, kids in sports, gymnastics, training schedules, etc, etc. In no way do I consider myself an expert but I am knowledgable enough to pass on good information. If you search this blog or just scroll back, you'll see scattered posts on the subject. 
Right now, a lot of competitive gymnasts are on summer break. It's a two week period generally and usually when most take their holidays, visit family, etc, etc. I've stated this before but it's important for gymnasts to have a break, not just physically but mentally as gymnastics is such a mental sport. My biggest question regarding this is does a gymnast stop training altogether during this time. The answer is no. Although, there is no training in the gym, you are still expected to do some conditioning {even if you are on a beach in Hawaii}.
I shared some fun cardio to do with your athlete awhile back but above is a peek at what Lola does five times a week along with cardio and a few other exercises. It's important to keep her strength and stamina up. Obviously, the first few days back in the gym are gradual but there are expectations that the gymnast will still be able to pick up where they left off prior to the break. 
I think this is a perfect example of maintaining her strength and flexibility for these two weeks. Keep in mind that Lola is seven years old and a pre novice national athlete. It's a good fit for her. If your athlete is older, younger, national level or provincial, it will be different. Most importantly, don't forget to keep it fun and relaxed. No one wants their mother screaming at them to workout, am I right?!

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