more than a messy topknot

Lately I have been hiking a few hours a day. I needed a break from running but wanted to keep doing something that was still very physical and sweaty. 
As a reader of fitness and health magazines and blogs, I have noticed that nobody really shares all sides of exercise. Yes, we all read about the good benefits, mental clarification, and all that but what else happens when you workout? Here are some things my body is going through right now with this new fitness routine:

your back will break out harder than a teenager going through puberty - when I hike, it's uphill at a steady pace on a mountain. I sweat, my back sweats, and it breaks out. although, it's under control, it still happens. Be prepared to pay attention to that part of your body.

I'm so hungry I could eat and eat and eat - I'm not sure why but after a solid hike, I'm starving and just want to eat carbs. Although I was hungry after running, it was different in that I could have a smoothie or something like that afterwards and that would be enough..but after hiking I want pizza, cinnamon buns, a huge sandwich, etc.. It's weird and probably my biggest battle right now. I haven't tracked the amount of calories I've worked off when hiking or the exact kilometres but chances are I'm using more and going further than when running.

Your butt and legs will get bigger to the point your pants won't fit - story of my life. I have lost weight and my body is toning up all over but the muscles in my butt and legs have exploded. And as a result none of my jeans fit me. The waist is looser {yay} but it's just too tight in my upper legs and butt. It's cool to see that but also a pain to have to adjust your wardrobe.

Anyways, I just wanted to share this and point out it's not just about a topknot, cool runners and that post workout glow. It's hard, sweaty, and messy. But it's so worth it.

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