summer conditioning - that won't break the bank

well folks, as I mentioned in my previous post, the lula haus is packing up and moving to the city. in fact, I'm writing this post on my iPad surrounded by boxes. With school winding down, the same goes for gymnastics. This year, Lola will be off for three weeks straight, and in the city. However, she still needs to do conditioning throughout so I have compiled a list of {mostly} free things to do to keep that heart rate moving.

Get on that trampoline!
Flipping and jumping around on one is a nice workout. And the best part is your child won't even realize they are getting a workout with all the fun they'll be having.

Get in your yard or on a beach {if you live in Vancouver like me).
did you ever run 'lines' when you were in school for gym class or if you were on a team? Well, you can make this fun for your little one. On the beach, you can make the lines in the water so they can splash around and get wet while exercising. If you are in your yard, grab that sprinkler and let them run through it while doing this.

Hit the pool.
Either your own or go to your local rec centre and swim laps. However, because Lola is only seven and isn't the strongest swimmer yet, I just get her to grab a kick board and use that for laps.

Hop on that bike!
Long bike rides are the best. Not only is this a great way to get your heart rate up but it's also a fun way to explore your city.

Head to the playground.
This could be a whole post in itself with the many amazing workouts you can do at a playground...but I will keep it simple. Play tag. It's fun, sweaty, and one of my favorites cardio activities ever.

Obviously this is just a small variety of things Lola will be doing but they are fun and will keep her motivated to continue.

Above, Lola is wearing:
Limeapple sports bra (not shown)
Freebird by lulahoney tank
Old navy tights

Dig it babies.

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