blue jean baby

I have been working on a series of photos of my daughter Carmen. Ha! She's the one not interested in being photographed...but I love her in all her denim and love capturing her just hanging out in them. 

Being a mom of a ten year old girl is new territory for me. I thought I'd share a few things she enjoys doing and a few not so much. Maybe you have a daughter the same age that digs the same stuff?

Drawing - this girl has sketchbook after sketchbook filled with her art. and I love it.
Playing music - she loves guitar and also loves making music on the computer. I secretly wish she would make a country record.
Being outside in the mud or grass in bare feet -  something she gets from her mama

Not so much:
Bedtime - ugh. The struggle is real trying to get her to bed. She'd rather be up doing one of the previous three things mentioned.
Being photographed - no comment
Sharing a room with her sister - sometimes we all just need our space.

Also, the other day a really cool opportunity came up. A photography studio. It's funny how when you are not looking, it happens. I pretty much gave up on that dream as I don't have a ton of money to rent my own space and don't have the space in my own haus either. But this is just too good to not pursue. More details soon.

Dig it babies.

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