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if you were to transport this house into the mountains, it would be my dream home {give or take a few features}. I love tiny living and living with less. as long as we have an awesome outdoor space - meaning a picnic table, fire pit, and space to run around, I'm happy. I spent the day yesterday getting rid of stuff including clothes, toys, housewares, etc. things we don't use or need. we are currently in the process of moving to the city which kind of freaks me out because the girls and I are country, so it'll be an adventure. 

a few tips when moving with kids:

*let them help pack. it can be weird as a kid seeing all of your things being packed up so let them help with putting things in boxes, taping, and labelling.
*make it fun. put on some music, have snacks, and laugh.
*decide what to keep and take with you, and what to get rid of with the help of your kids. obviously age makes a difference but my girls who are seven and ten realize that things they haven't played with or worn for awhile would be better off with someone who would enjoy it now.
*be excited. moving is super stressful, but your kids don't need to feel that extra stress. instead of taking the fear of the unknown and acting stressed out, use it to motivate and excite you. 
*if you tell your kids you will all come back and visit friends, etc, follow through with it. otherwise, maybe promising to keep in touch via email or skype would be better. kids remember things you promise.

Anyways, back to the grind.

Dig it babies.

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