rise + shine

rise + shine

let me start off by saying that I actually don't have a 'bedside table'. I have an old wooden wine crate that I use to put my things on. as mentioned in the previous post, i try to live with less clutter so i don't like a lot of crap by my bed. I have a few magazines, an iPad, and these things shown, and that's pretty much it. 

I always go to bed with a full mason jar of water with cut up lemon slices. I drink a bit of it before bed but drink the majority of it when I first wake up. I know, I've turned into that person who drinks lemon water. I also take a multi vitamin first thing too because I will forget to take it if I don't. I also like my lips soft and kissable so I keep an eos (right now the blueberry one is my jam) there. and I like to spray happy spritz around me to get me going. I can't get enough of this spray. 

once all this happens, I jump out of bed, do a small set of exercises, get dressed, brush my teeth, deodorant, eyebrows, lips (again), coffee, out the door.

Dig it babies

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