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Hi guys 👋👋👋

It's been awhile but I've been busy. On top of getting lola to and from gymnastics in a different city five days a week, I do a lot of freelance stuff on the side to get some extra cash in my pocket {I do a lot of merchandising gigs for various companies and also photography}. However, I'm wrapping up my last project next Wednesday and will be able to focus my attention on the shop and this space. 

This space. ahhhhhh. I've talked about outgrowing this space and going in different directions with it forever, but I have been seriously thinking about starting something "new". This is something every blogger I know who has been doing it since 2008 has gone through. Everyone. Although LULAHONEY is still very much my life, I feel like I'm also a bit pigeonholed by it (hello childrenswear).. So I'm currently working on a space that combines this with that. Stay tuned.

Dig it babies.

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