days like this

above is a photo i was able to snap last weekend of lola competing. 

competition days around our house are actually pretty relaxed. lola loves to compete. yes, she has nerves but she's able to turn it into excitement rather than fear. i'm so thankful she's like that. our routine on competition day is pretty much like this:

we keep it fun - the week before and day of, we all talk about how fun and exciting it's going to be. we don't talk about winning, getting gold, etc. if lola brings it up, we remind her that those who train hard during practices, do well at competitions. keep in mind, lola is only seven.

sleep well - i admit our sleep situation does not help by living in the mountains and a crazy commute but she gets her rest and the night before she is in bed by 7:30 (her normal bedtime is 8:00).

stay hydrated - this is actually something lola does all the time. she drinks a lot of water. i do not let her have any type of sports drink. once in awhile she will have lemons and oranges in her water {which is a great idea if your child doesn't like drinking water} but she loves water and for that i'm thankful. 

eat well - i'm not going to get into lola's diet in this post but it's important they eat a good breakfast. we usually make her one slice of whole grain toast with peanut butter, one cup of scrambled eggs with spinach, a few slices of avocado, and two cherry tomatoes. yep, we portion control at our house. i'm also able to make the perfect face on her plate with this combination which always cracks her up.

pack a good snack - fruit. usually a banana and some grapes.

and when we get to the competition and right before she runs off to be with her teammates and coach, i say:
have fun
work hard
i love you

dig it babies.

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