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awkward truck selfie. and yes, I do have a neck tattoo...moving on...

as stoked as I was to blog every day back in January {smh}, life got busy. So I apologize for slacking on my part. However, I am trying to fit it into my daily routine as I enjoy sharing cool shit with you all. As most of you know, I'm slowly curating a small shop full of goods for you + your house. I hope you will check it out. That's been taking up a lot of my free time. And though my shop is online, I do have plans to pop up here and there in real life. There are a few music festivals I'll be attending to hustle my goods as well as a bunch of flea markets I'll be sellin' my wares at. I will keep you posted here and on Instagram ---> freebirdbylulahoney 

Also? I have been doing quite a bit of research and studying up on health and nutrition for athletes {kids and youth}. It's solely out of curiously but something I find really interesting. I know a little bit about this as I'm raising a little athlete but it's nice to see my thoughts backed up by medical and scientific proof. I have a bunch of info to share with you all and am busy planning different posts to do it so it won't bore you...

I'm really excited to share some collaborations this blog has had the chance to work with recently. I haven't been promoting lulahoney as a 'for profit' blog but I'm thinking about partnering a bit more with companies that fit our vibe (including the few we were stoked to work with recently). I really am humbled by the companies that reach out to us. 

I am also busy doing another post about Lola's training and nutritional schedule as it has changed over the past few months and I get the most emails right now about just that!

If you would like to collaborate or have any questions, or are inquiring about the shop, email us at lulahoney@gmail.com

And be sure to check out the freebird by lulahoney shop: www.freebirdbylulahoney.bigcartel.com

Anyways, there is so much more to share but I'll save it for another day.

Dig it babies.

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