rise + shine

Crise + shine

rise + shine homies!  a new feature on the blog. I want to share some beauty products that I use tailored for before and after the gym as well as kid friendly products lola uses before and after the gym too. and they are all wallet friendly. As much as I love finding {and buying} more expensive product, I wanted to share a non fussy and budget friendly routine.

above are three products I use almost every day. usually in my truck before or after the gym or track. first, I scrub my lips with a lush lip scrub and once done just lick it off. I love it and my kids love it. next, I lather smith's rosebud salve all over and even the outer area of the lips (yep, you'll look like you just inhaled some fried chicken) and keep it lathered as long as I can - depending on  how long I'm in my truck for) and then I'll massage in whatever hasn't been soaked up. Finally, I apply some burts bees tinted lip balm (a lighter color for my girls and brighter one for me). It's a perfect way to feel good and look refreshed before hitting the weights, or as a pick me up when you are hot and sweaty and dehydrated after a workout. As I mentioned earlier, these particular products are great for lola as well + budget friendly!

Dig it babies.


  1. I have a smith's rosebud salve in every bag, pocket & workspace! I've loved it for years and save the tins in the art supply closet for who knows what. :) I slather it on Sayer all of the time. It's funny, but I always put it on his lips at night when he's sleeping- almost every time he smiles in his sleep. I like your new feature!

  2. Thank you Kristin! That is so cute about sayer :)