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You know, I see all these people promote yoga/running/fitness in whatever way on Instagram yet they show photos of their kids eating junk food, on some kind of electronic device, while being all "posey posey"...what in the what?! walk the talk folks! if one of your resolutions is to be more healthy, active, blah blah, start at home with your kids. Above right is a poster (not sure who made it though) of yoga poses presented in a fun way for little ones. Get them stoked about it. Get them fired up about it...
A fun little fact about me: I am still not 100% on that yoga train for myself yet. I'm not going to lie, I sometimes feel like it's more a mental exercise than an actual physical one BUT as I learn more about it and understand it I realize this might not be the case. Both my daughters LOVE doing it and have been doing it for some time and have convinced me to go ahead and get into it. It really does start at home.

Dig it babies

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