keep on keeping on

an empty gym kind of has a cool vibe, doesn't it? 

I wanted to share a typical day for me:
wake up at 4:15am to drive my husband to work (we have one vehicle)
leave my house at 6:00am to be in the city for 7:00am 
drop girls off at my mothers house so I can work
pick lola up at school at 12:10 pm
drive to gym (in another city) where she trains for 4 or 5 hours (depending on the day)
get to my mothers house around 6:00pm to pick up carmen for the drive home
roll into my house about 7:00pm (sometimes 9:30 pm depending on Lola's training schedule)

Being a gym mom is like living in outer space sometimes. and I love it. however, it is safe to say, a move to be closer to the gym is in the future. 

Dig it babies.

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