Busy days. competition season has started for lola and the past four days have been filled with just that. I have, however, been working on the shop a little bit. In case you haven't noticed, I have changed the shop name from cherokee dry goods to FREEBIRD by LULAHONEY. Why the change? well there were a few reasons but the biggest was I wanted something that was a combination of new and familiar. I had previously used lulahoney for my old shop {which was childrenswear} but this time around I wanted something to reflect more of what I am doing now. Anyways, above is a screen shot of freebird's instagram (if you care to follow).  I am super stoked to be stocking wolfpups tanks in a few different designs... along with my thunderbird print and painted longhorn signs. I will be updating on Instagram when new product comes in. This time around, I'm taking my sweet time and being very selective as to what I'm stocking my shop with. I think you will all dig what I have been curating. Now I just need to work on the shop site and the next chapter begins.

Dig it babies.

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