I took this photo with my iPhone and is unedited. I had mentioned before that lola lifts little hand weights a few times a week - well here she is doing just that. Although it benefits her as an athlete, she actually started doing them because she saw me do it. Children really are a reflection of their parents. 

One of the things I have given up recently is coke zero. I do allow myself one regular coke a day as a 'treat' as I don't eat much sweet things and I also exercise quite a bit but it's time for me to kiss that coke zero habit goodbye. And let me tell you, it's HARD.  I drank a lot of it. It was a comfort thing more than a thirst thing. But I'm stoked to tell ya I haven't had one in a week. 

Anyways, I'm busy working on the online shop and battling with the name (should it be lula honey or cherokee dry goods - ahhhhh) as well as lining up some photo shoots. One of the projects we are hoping to launch on the blog is a video series with lola dedicated to health + fitness! I think it's important to share her point of view (as well as yoga tips from her sister) and a fun way to get active! Our goal is to inspire ONE person: whether it's to get you into a habit of daily stretching or getting your kids involved with a weekly jog. More details soon.

Lola is wearing:
Limeapple hoodie
Old navy yoga pants
Zara runners

Dig it babies.

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