over the last year I have seen so many bloggers pack up and abandon ship. I blame instagram. but there are still some good ones, new ones, etc etc... I have been blogging since 2008. I started with a different blog and site and then moved here, erased about two years worth of posts and started up again around 2010? I also had two blogs at some point... I'm not going to get much deeper than that. As I sit here this morning, thinking about the new year, there are four things that I really want to do this year:
Be my own boss - I have missed the hustle. This last year I held back and stayed out of the game.  Some things I had no control over (like the studio space I almost had in whistler) but mostly I kept busy working for someone else's dream. But no more. I'm opening a small online shop Feb. 1. 
Be more creative - as christmas was approaching, I was reminded how much I used to make things for other people. I love making something out of nothing. Whether it's clothing, home decor, or a toy, I love  to do that. It's time to get back into it.
Travel more - I love getting up and going. I can drive to the other side of the country if I want to with just the clothes on my back and this year means more road trips. If there is anything I can pass on to my children it is the ability to be spontaneous and spur of the moment.
Blog more - as mentioned earlier, I've been blogging for a whole lotta years. This year I'm getting back into it. Obviously as years go by and things change, this blog has changed. But I have a vision for this place and by making an effort, I hope to shift things a bit. Happy New Years.

Dig it babies.

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