gym crew

gym crew

hello hello. busy days. well actually our days are lazy because the teachers are still on strike...but we are back to the grind in the evenings. i have so much going on right now. I'm still planning a new pop up shop | space... and there are still two other projects i am slowly working on. 
I read something quite interesting on Pinterest {follow me: outlaw lula} the other day. It was about blogging and how your focus can change and blah blah blah.. When I first started lula honey, it was to compliment my then clothing line: lulahoney. I was blogging not only about my brand but other brands and cool steeze that fit with my vibe. I then opened a shop, started a magazine, and still blogged about things that fit that vibe. As time has passed, and things changed I realized that I was blogging about things that didn't really interest me much... I always love finding dope clothing for kids but I'm not in the mood to write about it. Let others do that... Instead I have decided to focus more on things that do inspire me and hope to inspire others. I love collaborating with others who fit the lula vibe {what it is now} and will continue to do so. I'm also stepping up my game a bit and creating a space that is more well rounded and reflects a lifestyle rather than just fly shoes, you dig?  Anyways, just thought I'd share what's going down around here... 

Over here in Squamish and the North Shore, the weather has been RAD. Hot during the day and cool at night. Here is a round up of things that lola wears + uses to and from the gym:
one: vonbon apparel scarf
two: boxed water
three: under armour pants
four: zara kids sneakers
five: limeapple tank

Dig it babies

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