wolf packs and set backs

a peek at Carmen's creative process. she has been busy drawing more wolves. i had mentioned earlier that we are collaborating on a project and i thought i would share more on this.
i have been wanting to get into printing {on paper} lately and thought this would be the perfect way to start. we have decided to make a few cards with these wolves and see where it goes...right now we are drawing together and figuring out card stock, that type of thing. It's been super cool and fun to work as a team with her.

i also ran into a few setbacks with my other project i have been working on (the one I wrote about in my last post with the bidniss plan, etc) which is making me want to shelve the whole thing for now. and not because I'm giving up. it's just not fulfilling creatively and right now i just want to create art. so i made the decision to put this less creative project on hold for now. 

dig it babies.

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