what lula ate /2

Ask anyone in the lula haus what our favorite meal is and pretty much all involved will say pizza. Now, that being said, the girls and I are very particular to crusts and toppings. Basically, we like a super thin crust, pesto sauce, (sometimes that's it), and usually spinach, tomatoes, peppers, onions, and a little cheese. And for a family that seems to live life 100 km an hour, supper time is always way too rushed (something we need to change), so we have come up with a fast and easy and somewhat healthy meal. here's what you need:
Pizza crust: When we don't make our own crust, we buy a package of thin crusts from the local supermarket who makes them in their bakery. Obviously not as fresh as home made but way better than pre packaged and really yummy.
Pesto: made with basil NOT arugula and just lightly spread on crust.
Toppings: To be honest, we sometimes don't even put toppings on and eat the pizza with just pesto but usually it's spinach and a tomato and a little bit of cheese.
Cook at 400 for about 10 minutes straight on the oven rack.
You are done.

I'm stoked my kids eat this and have a huge love of veggies on their food pallet. I don't consider this too carb heavy as the crust is crazy thin. It's mostly veggies with a bit of olive oil and cheese. A perfect meal for your little athlete. Served with a glass of half skim milk and half chocolate milk. <--- important protein recovery after a hard workout.

Dig it babies.

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