let's go honky tonkin' ya'll

that farm life tho | a few pictures:
carmen showing me what she thinks of selfies...
lola being lola.
ice cream for days.
flowers. my new jam.
i love god and be kind graffiti.
carmen finding a sliver of shade in this heat. just looking at all that hair is making me sweat..

today it was back to gym for lola, back to the insanity of driving into the city five days a week. but she's happy which makes me happy. carmen is on a wait list for horse riding lessons and we are trying to figure out swimming lessons to coincide with Lola's training in the city. and both are just stoked to play on the trampoline and hit the beach in this h e a t. 

and i have been working on a project i had briefly mentioned earlier. it isn't the most creative venture but definitely one that is a passion of mine. hint: sports|kids|youth|fashion.. i wrote a small bidniss plan, learning everything as i go, while banging my head against a wall, and hopefully will launch in the fall.

and and, i am getting things ready for my other, more creative project: lone wolf collective. more on that later.

this summer is going to be good.

dig it babies.

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