gym crew

gym crew

the new classic: i was going back in time a bit and saw an old post i did titled gym crew, and i realized i need to bring back this series..i have been slowly changing the focus of this blog to be more athletic orientated..meaning all the pictures, clothing, and posts have some sort of that element {even graffiti since that is a form of exercise right?}. why the change? well, it's a huge part of the lula haus, and it's something that can be represented in a very cool way over here, and it's a passion of mine.
anyways, because it's still cool in the evening, this is a look that lola wears to and from gym. not pictured is a circle scarf i made {more on that soon}...

1.mini mioche x heart and habit tee
2. roxy shorts
3. converse sneakers
4. cabbages and kings leg warmers
5. ivivva water bottle

dig it babies

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