excuse me while i take a shot

Coffee. Probably one of my favorite things to do in a day is to have a good cup of coffee and just completely block everything out. I'm good at it too.
Thursdays are kind of like the calm after the storm of Wednesdays. Let me break it down for you:
My six year old daughter trains a lot of hours right now. After training Sunday, Monday evening, and Tuesday evening, she is tired and cranky by wednesday. She wakes up anywhere between 6:30am and 7:30am {seriously, she still has sleeping habits of a toddler} e v e r y d a y. No matter what time she gets to bed {gym nights are usually by 9:15pm}.
Wednesday:  She wakes up happy but as soon as her and her sister go to eat breakfast, watch out. no one is safe. Within five minutes of sitting down, the meltdowns begin. This goes on and off until we leave for school. At school, she is great. After school, it is round two. From the time we get home until bath time, it's like a WWF show with me and her dad tag teaming with each other with every meltdown. Bath time ---> bedtime. Sweet relief. She is in bed between 6:45pm and 7:00pm. And then for the next six days, she's her normal, cool self.
To sum it up, having such a young child in a competitive sport that requires a lot of training is hard work. It is not easy. And it isn't for everyone. Her love of the sport combined with her work ethic at the gym is literally what makes it worth while. There may come a day where she might not love it anymore and want to quit. But for now, this is her life. Blood, sweat, and tears included.

Dig it babies.

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