when rad attracts rad

i'm so stoked that both my girls love to be outdoors and be active. they really are a mirror of their parents. i was reading a cool article about preventing childhood obesity. it's not crazy to see the statistics so high now that almost every kid has an ipod | iphone | ipad etc, and would rather sit and stare at that screen than run around terrorizing the neighborhood. the article made some interesting points:
1. educate your children.
nothing grosses me out more than canned soup. and i share this with them every time they want it. they may still want it but at least they know where it's coming from and realize it's maybe not the coolest choice, you know?
2. teach them how to cook, good, real, whole food.
banana bread. the simplest thing to bake. my kids love it and it's healthy.
3. get active.
sometimes it's hard to get off the couch, even for me. nothing defines the lula crew more than the last minute. so just when you think you can dive into that couch, don't be suprised to hear one of us holla 'let's go for a hike' and head out.
4. set an example.
see above photos.

dig it babies.

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