the basics

so we had a quick stretching sesh yesterday. just a few simple moves to get your body warmed up for any type of exercise.these one's are lola's favorites. of course, i was able to maybe pull off three of these...and that one pose where she's holding herself up on her hands while she is in a pike position? i can't even wrap my head around it. not only did she do that, she chatted me up the whole time and held it for like five minutes. who is this kid?!

what she's wearing:
leotard: lola's own
leggings c/o eden & zoe

those leggings rule 100% cashmere radness right there. super soft {not itchy!!}and fit her body perfectly without going all baggie and distorted even after a 20 minute warm up. check out the whole collection from eden & zoe here. 

dig it babies.

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