you can't trip the same way twice

today i quit my job. i was recently hired on as a visual merchandising manager for a big company. but for the month i was there, i was miserable. although i'm grateful that i was given the opportunity to be in this position, it just didn't give me any enjoyment. there was a time in my life where this sort of job would have been a big deal...but now, not so much. two things really stood out for me while i was there: one - family is more important than money. some people never realize this. two - i'm an artist that really enjoys my creative freedom. if you haven't noticed already, i'm a risk taker. i get all these awesome ideas and actually pursue them. sometimes they crash and burn, and sometimes they rule. but my point is, i take the risk. so last night as i was writing down some of the things i really want to pursue, i dialed in on one thing for sure: my photography. i think i finally have this one on lock down. meaning: i have figured out what i'm going to specialize in. i can't wait to share this new chapter. also? i'm still working on a little collection, which i'm sure ya'll will dig. lastly? i have some cool collaborations coming up.

dig it babies.

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