crazy train

as i stated in an earlier post, i was briefly employed by a huge company but decided to quit. of course, the timing of it all  with the holidays coming up and moving into a new, more expensive house in two days plus the everyday expense called life, would be crazy to most..but not to me. i've had some serious creative session/situations lately where i've managed to figure out what it is i want to do. i've also had other job offers and some very hilarious situations i found myself in but i've decided to jump into being self employed. and thought i would share.
1. my photography biz. i'm not one of those photographers that is going to shoot every.single.thing. i'm planning to shoot a very specific thing {obviously keeping within the lula vibe}. my biggest decisions regarding this is a: should i offer only black and white prints and b: the name. i'm not even kidding. i've figured everything else out but those two. now, i really hate when bloggers/photographer'creatives say "...blah blah i'm working on projects and can't wait to share..." and then leave us hanging, in fact, i think i'm guilty of that as well but i'm not sharing the whole deal yet until those two points i made are decided on. and i also went through a time not too long ago where i shared some ideas of mine with another photographer and she totally stabbed me in the back and stole them. you live you learn..
2. a collection. i've gone back and forth with what pieces to make and sew. and i've decided on doing a limited run of just three pieces and go from there. it's simple. and it's rad. if you have been reading this little blog of mine, you'll remember i used to make really cool vintage inspired clothing for girls. although, this is not what i'm doing now, i am super stoked with these new designs.
3. a shop. i have also tested these waters out and really loved it. my ultimate goal will be to open a brick and mortar shop with my husband but for now good ol etsy is where you'll find me and my crew. i'll be stocking the above collection there as well as slinging vintage.
and of course i'll still post here.
cheers to the future.

dig it babies.

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  1. To the future!!!.... and a successful one, I'm sure :) x