the cult of personality

the who the what the where the when the why and the how. huh? here's the deal: lula honey is on instagram @lulahoney | pinterest | and twitter. although i'm thinking about shutting down the twitter thing since i don't really use it. it once was an awesome place to hang out and kick back but now it's mostly used as a place to share my instagram photos. and that's it. and really, when i do happen to pop in, nothing irritates me more then when my feed is full of instagram shares. and now i'm one of them. ugh. i'm also feelin' pinterest again. it took awhile to warm up to and i'm usually deleting boards faster than i create them, but it actually is one of the few online things i dig. and then there is instagram. i relate that to the prom. yeah, you have all the homecoming queens {and kings}that people fawn over but i actually find some of the raddest people + pictures on there. and as for facebook, i just don't have time. and it kind of went the way twitter did with everyone filling their feeds with instagram shares. i'm actually shocked when a page posts something awesome rather than just a blog post or picture. meh.

dig it babies.

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