little things

a cute little project i did yesterday. all you need is:
sticks - all shapes and sizes
paint - i used oil based ones
paint brush
mason jar
because i had the paints, brush, and jar, i didn't spend any money but you can find these items for like a buck at most stores.
i decided to just do different colors of stripes. although i did do  a few chevron prints {not shown}.

also? i have decided to open up a new shop. something small. kids clothing and home decor. i'm thinking of designers i'd like to curate for the shop. i want to stock pieces that are not on every mommy blogger's blog and instagram, you catch my drift? i have a good list going so far and this week i will be sending out emails for lookbooks, etc. as for the home decor part of it, i'm actually making a few things that will go in the shop. just little pieces that would look rad in any child's room. i also have a name for the shop. i'm not going to spill the beans yet as to what the new name is but it will not be under the lula honey name  i struggled with that decision as i love the lula name but i feel it's time to start fresh, ya dig? that being said, this blog and my photography will continue under lula honey.

happy monday babies.

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