it's a long way to the top if you wanna rock n roll

so earlier this summer, i decided to start running. not in a "i'll go every once in awhile" type of way, i mean every day. i had four hours almost every afternoon to spend at a rec center with a dirt track outside. i was overweight and depressed. now because of my height {i'm tall} i hid the weight well but it was time to lose all the baby fat i carried around {and the last baby i had was almost six years ago} it wasn't easy. but here's how i did it:

the first thing i did was buy a good pair of running shoes. trust me, i ran off and on for years ghetto style in a pair of thrifted vintage adidas.. but after a week of running at the track, they fell apart. so in came the nikes. they cost a lot but worth every penny.

i downloaded the couch to 5 k app on my phone and bought cheap headphones. i still use this app. but i would recommend buying a good set of headphones. i also downloaded a bunch of songs from itunes. like hundreds. i need to hear different music otherwise i get bored and then won't want to run.

i started running in two bras, an old tank top, leggings, and a beat up rvca hoodie. even when it was hotter than hell outside, i wore that hoodie. it made me sweat, and grossed out anyone around me, but it actually made me feel good to sweat like that. fast forward three months and i still wear that beat up hoodie with the nikes, old tank top and leggings, but i bought a sports bra. i'm not into labels or lookin' like a milf on the track - i've even ran in denim cutoffs. 

it was hard. and there are lots of days that i don't {and didn't}want to run. i'm not at the dirt track as much now but i run a cement track by my house and also dirt paths {which i actually prefer}. all i know is i feel better after i run. i have also added weights to my routine. i don't even know the proper names but i do 30 repetitions on each arm one way and another 30 repetitions on each arm a different way (so 120 repetitions all together}. the weights are 10 pounds. i also skip. i'm only at one minute of skipping-30 second break-another minute of skipping but will increase this every week. i do all this almost every day as it's just a part of my daily routine.

i'm happy.

dig it babies.

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  1. Good for you Angela!! I need to get my butt of the couch and do something too. I mean, I lost the baby weight, and have now gained it back!

    Angie Harrison