let there be rock

i have been asked by some rad folks, both local and online, a whole lotta questions about the shop, so i thought i'd do a little faq..

what sizing will you carry?

babies to 10 years. in the past, i did not stock baby/toddler clothing but now i do.

will you sell just clothing?

for now yes. although i do have big plans for this little shop of mine so stay tuned.

do you sell vintage?

no. in the past i did sell vintage for kids and was quite successful with it but because i don't have a lot of free time to go to estate sales, etc, i have decided to not sell vintage. also, the market has become over saturated with vintage vintage vintage and maybe in a few years when it dies down a bit i'll rethink about selling it.

is your shop online?

not yet. i do have plans to get lula honey online {and to sell mens and womens clothing with the  kids clothing} but radness takes time...so it'll happen when it happens.

do you have a lula honey label/collection?

sort of. my sewing machine and i have had a complex love affair for years and right now i'm totally stoked in making awesome little pieces for the shop. also? i'm working on a sweet little collaboration..more details soon.

where are you located?

molly's lane. gibsons, bc. come holla at us.
email us lulahoney@gmail.com

dig it babies.

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