lola b steez

happy weekend. just a small part of what my afternoon was like. that harley shirt she's wearing? was once mine, got passed down to her older sister, and now claims it's rightful place in her closet. man, i love when that happens.
it's a really busy time right now as the lula crew is moving back to the city in less than four weeks. i am beyond stoked about it as i have missed city life. we found a temporary house {until we find our permanent home}which is in a great neighborhood and on the same street as one of my favorite people to hang out with - who happens to be an awesome photographer and person - and i can't wait to knock on her door everyday to go shootin'.. yes, i'll be THAT neighbor...i kid {well sort of}.
anyways, we are having a huge garage sale and selling a ton of vintage and new stuff. time to get rid of the things i've collected over the years and hung on to but didn't do anything with, you know what i'm saying? if your local, hit me up and i'll give you the address.

dig it babies.

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