what lola loves

so my work consists of a lot of computer time/flipping through lookbook/sourcing cool shops etc etc...and on occasion, my five year old will sit on my lap to see what mama is doing..and during these times, she will sometimes holler with excitement at something that she adores. these things range from what i consider cool and sweet to the not so cool and sweet but to her it's {to quote the paperbag princess and also her favorite word at the moment} F A N T A S T I C. i thought it would be a fun way to document what a five year old finds appealing. some weeks i'll post, other weeks i won't, it just depends on the week. and no, i'm not going to put something up in here i think is cool - all picks are purely her own..

week one
horse socks: stella mccartney kids which you can find here.

dig it babies

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