and then this happened

so basically, when i was a kid and teenager, i used to do a lot of stupid stuff and skip school but the one thing that i managed to keep together was sports. even though i did not look like one {mohawks and diy piercings and docs anyone?}, i was an athlete. sports came naturally to me.  i was on every school team that i tried out for and when i wasn't smoking weed and cutting classes, i excelled at them all. outside of school i played baseball, gymnastics, and swam competitively. fast forward a few years and i still kept active by running. but then i stopped. seven years ago i moved from my city life to a beach life. and now i am moving back to city life. and i finally want to start running again. it's funny how that happens. i blame my kids for all this. truly.
expect more blog posts and updates on this running stuff.
dig it babies.

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