little wolf

kind of what's going on in her wardrobe right now. the jacket and the dress. 
it's all about motorcycle jackets and this mama could not be any happier {we love a good biker jacket}. and she happens to wear it all the time these days. speaking of which, i found the perfect denim to layer over top with, i'm just looking for a few more patches to sew on it..
the dress. she has her chosen few of dresses hanging up in her closet but let's be real here: the more the dress twirls, the better. and this one can twirl man. also? check out that high kick. she needs something to move around in, right? this one is c/o val & max. an italian company that makes some of the best tailored clothing for children i have ever seen..this particular piece is fully lined, perfectly pleated, and has a beaded collar which falls under cool, ya dig? you can find them here

anyways, we have been taking full advantage of this sunny weather as we live in vancouver where it rains...a lot..so lots of sk8ing, park playing, and just general awesomeness. happy saturday.

dig it babies.

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