one of many things i am so stoked about is my role as an art director. i was approached by an organization to create an appealing site for them. nothing to do with coding or html or building a website or any other of that stuff i know nothing about..it was more they had their vision, i had mine, and i was given free reign to do whatever i wanted creatively. it was pretty rad. i have been learning more and more about graphic design which is something i'm interested in and it really has opened a whole new world to me. it has been one of those jerry fucking mcguire moments and something i can apply to all my creative projects. which is awesome because i think i have control issues in terms of my art and find it hard for other people to do the work for me. i am also one of those people that loves being the bridesmaid and never the bride.

other things i am working on? prints/posters for the lula shop. paper, letter press, graphic design, seeing the prints in my head materialize on paper is really my newest obsession...i have been prioritizing and don't really have any desire to stock clothes in my shop right now so i won't. but ya'll will dig what's coming.

happy thursday babies. dig it.

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