gym crew: what they wear

a new series i'm bringing to le blog specifically for young athletes. as mentioned in previous posts, i get a lot of emails regarding kids in sport and what lola eats, wears, her training schedule, etc. {ya'll are a curious bunch which i love}. i thought this would be a fun way to share/answer some questions.

what they wear: 
let's be real here. when you have a four almost five year old daughter who just trained three hours in gymnastics three days in a row, and it's 8:00pm and she's hot, hungry, and tired, the last thing she wants to do is get all fussied up in clothes. here are a few things from lola's closet that are a realistic look at what an athlete wears after the workout. 

leotard: ivivva
leggings {with zippers naturally}: joe fresh
kicks: native shoes
hoodie: la miniatura
hydration: sigg water bottle

death to the hair scrunchie.

dig it babies.

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