a hair story

i thought i'd share some of the products i use for my hair. i tend to flip flop between bleaching my hair out or dying it really dark. both leave my hair super stressed out and high maintenance {yes even the dark}.. here's why:
when bleaching my hair, my roots show through in a few weeks and i can usually get away with it for a few more weeks {you know that beachy hair thing} but after 5 to 6 weeks it just looks bad {my natural hair color is brown}
when i dye my hair dark, again the roots come in and {depending where on my head} you can see some greys *gasp* yes i have a few of those pesky things and those are more annoying than the dark roots on bleached hair. also? i spend a lot of time in and around the ocean and the salt water lightens my hair immediately. 

1. mop shampoo and conditioner. i have been using this off and on for a decade. it's good and doesn't weigh my hair down and doesn't leave a residue {which i can't stand}. it's also not expensive for a "salon" brand.
2. kevin murphy dry shampoo. i'll be honest. i was a little hesitant to use dry shampoo as i was thinking the white powdery stuff but last year my friend {who bleaches my hair} got me hooked. it smells awesome and works. it takes out the grease, you get my drift?
3. scunci hair bands in black. i admit, i wear my hair up a lot. and these tend to pull the least. and they are sold in every drug store imaginable. 
4. moroccan oil. it makes my over processed hair look not so processed.
5. perfect 10 hair dye. yes, i box dye my roots. it's cheap and easy.
6. torino flat iron. i have a massive cow lick in my bang area and when i have bangs i need to flat iron those suckers out.

dig it babies.

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