live fast

this photo rules on so many levels...speaking of all things awesome, i'll be in new york in exactly one month. very stoked about that. even though i'm going for biznazz {tradeshows and stuff} i'm there a bit longer than last time which makes me happy. i'm planning on heading out to alantic city and philadelphia. i really wanted to go to boston but the train ride is too long for just a day trip so that shut that plan down real fast. a few things i'm looking forward to:

meeting some old friends

getting my hands tattooed

searching for some old motorcycle tees and patches

scouting some rad kids designs

shooting graffiti and busted up buildings

walking the brooklyn bridge

eating as much food as possible

opening ceremony

if you know of some good places to eat and places to thrift (the good ones, not the overpriced stupid ones), hit me up! dig it babies.

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