it's a long way to the top if you wanna rock n roll

so i have been starting to prepare for the opening of the lula shop in its new location december 1st. we'll be offering clothing, accessories, and other rad pieces i find. one decision i made was we will now be focusing on the 6 - 16 year old demographic {although that being said, we'll have toddler - 12 month to 4 years - once in awhile}. i'm really stoked on buying for youth and cannot wait to provide an alternative for cool and fashionable kids and youth where i live. we will also continue selling a small amount of kick ass vintage goodies {including motorcycle tees, playsuits, and bitchin' dresses}. oh, we'll also have our online shop back up too.

in other news, those kids in helsinki have the best street style, yes?!

janina -age 15 aura - age 15

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