hot child in the city

hot tot sent over some products to the lula haus. how rad is that? since i've got one kiddo with a horse tail on her head and another who's curls could give donna summer circa the 70's a run for her money.. i couldn't get the packages out and open fast enough. carmen, with her rapunzel hair, causes me the most anxiety the moment she steps out of the shower after washing her hair sporting a tangled mess, that's almost a piece of art, on her head. we used the conditioning detangler for that masterpiece and it worked faster than any other product we've used and i barely had to use any. see, that's my beef. other products work but i have to use half a bottle just to get results. but this conditioner was solid gold. a few sprays and those knots got owned. the sweet pea serum, although made for babies in mind, totally made the ends of her hair soft and smooth. no easy feat considering she still has baby hair on those ends. everything about their products is good for ya, smells good, and works ya'll. the first thing she did after using the products was whip her hair. naturally. dig it.


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