"heavy metal and mullets was how we were raised, maiden and priest were the guys that we played..."

so from about the age i can remember until i was about ten when i started getting more into the skate and punk scene, i rolled with a solid crew of older kids who wore high tops, ripped tight jeans, ratt tees, lumber jackets with the jean jacket over top and the sleeves cut off and the crimped hair with a feather clip you got from the local carny... and to this day my daily outfits resemble this in some sort of way...anyways, back then it wasn't cool to shop at kmart. in fact, the locals laughed at ya if you did {i grew up in subsidized housing in a rich suburban area - can you say awkward?} but my best friend's mom worked there so she got a discount..and for me, that was rad because i would spend my paper route money (i've been hustling since my single digits) and buy clothes.. i have always tricked out my clothes in some way whether it was sand papering my jeans down or hand dying/bleaching out my hoodies or cutting up my shirts and refastening them with dental floss and safety pins.. and you have to remember this was back in the late 80's where it wasn't cool to destroy and shred your clothes as it was all about Benetton and polo ralph lauren and club monaco... so when i came across kmarts website, i had to peek at the kids clothes and i would totally buy this outfit for my kids:

aviator shades. duh.

this dress. BUT it's 100% cotton so i would cut the bottom part into strips, fringe it, and diagonally cut it because it's long enough to do it. ya dig?
skinny jeans. naturally.
and these boots. because they rule.

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