what i dig: mama style

things i dig. my style is somewhat different from alot of my real friends and blogging friends. and i'm not just talking fashion (ugh i hate that word). i prefer real books to a kindle. i think mopars, motorcycles, and skateboards are the only appropriate forms of transportation. i love motorhead. and jewellery should also be double duty meaning my ring would make the perfect weapon if need be. and yes, i love kittens and rainbows. so here are some things i dig: things to wear on a day to day basis.

the most perfect ring. glitter. everyday. usually this gold but hot pink and cobalt blue is another fave. this purse is epic. those tassells are just ridiculously amazing and it's big enough to fit the things a busy mama needs, ya dig? cotton shirts + eagles = awesome. hish shorts. (no longer being made. sadness)shoes i wear to the beach, dropping my kiddos off at school, and church. amen.

one, two, three, four, five, six

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