the long strange and sometime trippy road to lula.

ch ch ch changes.... no i'm not going to break out into full bowie, although that would be rad... but there are alot of changes happening at the lula house. once upon a time i designed really awesome children's clothing under the lula honey name - which still trips me out because growing up in the punk/skater scene, couture childrens wear was not on my agenda - and as stoked as i was about it, i made some stooopid business decisions that cost me alot of money, a friendship, and left me feeling burnt out, ya dig? i was offered some really cool opportunities but didn't have my heart in it. along the way, i met some really rad, and let's be real here, not so rad people... but after a brief hiatus of sorts, i am super stoked about lula's future...
(oh, just hangin' out)
*my cool little kids shop finally has it's own home. yesssssss. (and trust me, THAT alone is a strange trip..) it has white walls. white floors. lots of light. a minute from the beach. and rad childrens clothes. it's perfect really. and it's under the lula name. i want keith richards. mick jagger. fringe. spandex. vintage. the most ridiculous couture. and it's all for the kids.
*i have been sewing some really dope samples of zippered leggings, shredded leggings, screen printed leggings, for kids which i'm going to debut at some point when i feel like it...
*and.... i've started working on something really special. but i can't say what it is just yet. it's using every single skill i have as a stylist, designer, and rock n roll lover.. and mashin' it with every single thing that inspires me and it's getting beaten up into a whole lotta awesome. and this time next year i want to be on the beach surfing. and feeling accomplished at everything i've done. and rock n roll lives on...at least for your kids.
tofino - shot by one of my favorite people..

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