"sometimes i am two people. johnny is the nice one. cash causes all the trouble. they fight."
johnny cash

pretty much sums me up. because of the industry i'm in, i'm privy (like did i just use that word) to alot of cattiness and stooopid behaviour. i ignore alot of it and most people who i associate with are solid. but there are times when i'm tired and way behind on a deadline and i see a friend go through some dramz that makes me wanna hop on my board (in my chucks. leather pants, bikini top, and tattoos, because that's how i roll) and put that person in their place, ya dig? but then the dust settles and everything moves on. and you know what? i have the best job(s) in the world. i design clothes that are rad. i sell clothes that are rad. i style photoshoots that are rad. i'm a mama to 3 kiddos who are rad. and i've got a real cool crew of friends. i'm blessed dudes.

anyways, one of my favorite things about work right now is i get to have this munchkin with me. she's quite the assistant. she knows her way around a photoshoot, a display, and a rack of clothes, and knows how to use a steamer and tagging gun. she won't always be with me as she will be going to school part time in the fall so i'm happy she's happy hanging out with me .

tank top: little marc jacobs

top: zara kids

shorts: club monaco kids (these bad boys are almost 15 years old)

tights: american apparel

footnote: please don't send me emails about the steamer and tagging gun. obviously she's supervised. le duh.

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