my vibe.my life.

hello friends. i think it was one of those olsen sisters that said "my life is full of high highs and low lows" yeah, that pretty much summed up my day. but i'm not one to mull over stuff so moving on.... here are some things that made really happy today *winks*

this supergalaticrocknrollmachine scandinavian shop.... in london. swoon.

lists. i have this one from johnny cash taped up in my studio. it makes me laugh every. single. time.

goofy pictures. womp womp.

bright tights. like really.
and kittens.

have a good night ya'll.



  1. Aw, well I hope your super highs and low lows collided with each other and just gave you a happy medium. Super awesome shot of you and that J.C list made me LOL too! Hope today is much much better for you...

  2. thank you chantal :) yeah, it was just a weird day... but today is awesome...hahaha and i'm glad you like the goofy pictures.