it's a famine of beauty, honey! my eyes are starving for beauty..

hello friends. here is a teeny tiny sample of the brands petite lula will carry/or is under consideration of carrying. note: i haven't posted any european, scandinavian, norwegian, australian, etc, brands up because i literally have a list of 50 brands i am considering. i will post that later.
a for apple www.aforapple.net
petite lula - house line and vintage line
petite lula. a little bit french. a little bit vintage. and a whole lotta rock n roll.
image from enk


  1. getting closer and closer...
    I like the design of your website (lula honey), very simple and chic :)

  2. Lookin' good! Plus, hope you didn't mind me nominating you for the west coast thingy today (on ze tweetaire). : ) Have a super Friday!