hello france. i love you. a special guest post

Hello everybody!
This is Peggy from Paul & Paula.
Angela asked me if I could make a list with my favourite French kids clothing brands.
Of course I can, I love to dress my kids ‘a la francaise’ (they are half French by the way).
Now… well… I cannot come up with an endless list …right…
It was hard to choose but here we go:

This is pure romantic French style. Beautiful knitwear, light dresses, cute baby bloomers and so easy chic.
They do a little women collection as well, definitely worth checking out!

Marie et Rose Alice
oh what can I say. All designs are made in this little French atelier and are absolutely darling.
Everything is really easy to combine as well. MUST HAVE!

Jack n’a qu’un oeil
Ubercomfortable and chic loungewear for boys and girls! This is how I would describe Jack.
Have you seen anything like this before?

Fun, quirky, awesome fabrics and some of the best dresses around…
Their jackets are amazing as well, make your little girl look all pretty but not mini adult!

Rose Desbois
Awwwww, one of the most lovely kids boutiques in Paris. Rose Desbois is where you want to go if you need an outfit for a special occasion!

Auguste et les filles
This brand is how I see the French kids in school. Comfortable, stylish (of course), some colours but not too much. Classic but not boring!

Le toit de la lune
The one negative thng aboit Le toit de lune… the biggest size is 24 months. So either you keep on making babies or you do like me: praying to see a line for bigger kids SOON!
Honestly, the onesies are adorable and the colours stunning!

i am in love with every. single. one. thank you for sharing peggy.


  1. Yay! A perfect post from PauletPaula!
    Apart from Talc, all NEW to me brands. Oh my gosh but heart palpitating beautiful kids fashions! I only wish my daughter would go for subtle and let me buy these kinds of colourways.. So pretty!

  2. Thanks for sharing!!! My kids are 6 and 10 and I still love dressing them up like this.
    xo S.