a sweet little something.

hello friends. i thought i would suprise you with a little sweet something(s) about me. my friend peggy had asked some of her blogging friends to share some lovely little things and well, here's a little peek about me.

1 Why did you start blogging?
2 What kind of blogs do you like/ read ?
3 Your favourite make up brand...
3b Your favourite car ...
4 Your favourite fashion label...
5 Your must have bathroom product...
6 Your favourite colour...
7 Your perfume...
8 Your favourite movie...
9 Which country would you like to see and why?
10 What would be the perfect working enviroment for you?
1. i started blogging in order to have a place to keep all the pretty little things i come across in one place. and to talk about what i love.
2. i love love love reading really good and original design and lifestyle blogs. and most focus on children. (see my daily reads)
3. um. i heart mac.
3b. not a car but the best way to get around in my opinion.

4. lula honey. naturally.

5. kiehl's. 24/7

6. it's all about the greys.

7. i like the smell.

8. i am a surfer at heart.

9. france. if i'm ever blessed to buy a second home, paris is where me and my not so little family will be.

10. i work at the beach. it's the perfect working environment.

source: 3b, 9


  1. another mac fan!
    no5 I was hesitating between kiehls and my choice :)
    maybe one day we both will meet (and live) in Paris!

  2. oh yes! paris. it's really all i dream about :)

  3. Good, you will be the next BIG kids designer and I will win the lottery :)

  4. Hi there,
    I started posting for the same reason! The beach didn't even occur to me as a possibility... but it would be fab!