oh so silly

hello friends. do you ever have one of those days where you have so much to do but yet nothing is getting done? yep, that's me right now. it could also be that i was up until 5:00am working and then back up at 7:45am to start my day - with 3 kiddos - again. anyways, i've been putting together a planner for the year and as i was flipping through some loose papers i found these silly faces i was doodling...
ha! i've never been able to draw people well. i really have no skill in that department. even with sketches i use no faces and childrens bodies are easier to draw flats on because they really have no shape... i am hoping to practice more because i enjoy it. maybe a year from now with all my hopeful practicing i will have better faces, yes? haha..

well, i'm off to try to get some work done and i'll be back with a proper blog post later.


  1. why don't you treat yourself with a little drawing class and learn how to do faces?
    however I like the look of the first girl, her impression is marvellous!

  2. haha..thanks peggy! yeah, i do want to take an illustration class.. it's one of my goals for the year! xo