le inspiration...

hello friends and happy sunday. i have been busy this weekend with a sick little person and feeling a little flu like myself. however, i have been able to spend alot of time at my sewing machines sewing cute and pretty dresses. lately, i have been feeling like making some oh so cute dolls for my kiddos and maybe to sell, yes? anyways, here are some pretty little dolls that have been inspiring indeed.
these little cuties..
a pair of pretties..

the loveliest knitted doll i ever did see..

a really cute couple..

pretty perfect really..

and just all sorts of cute..

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  1. I just blogged about Lucky Boy Sundays spring collection, love it! =)
    The other dolls are cuties too!

  2. i am in love with the styling of their collection... the dolls are so adorable too :)